Elllo is a unique English language learning app providing listening and reading interviews. Practice pronunciation skills with speech test. Real people speaking about interesting topics with authentic accents around the world.

Elllo is available for Windows 10 and Android.


The app is FREE and contains in-app purchase products.



Features at a glance:
* Lessons: Over 1500 interview lessons to listen with downloadable audio content
* Videos: Around 500 Videos with native player
* Pronunciation – Speech test
* Transcript with auto scrolling [W10 only]
* Offline learning capability
* Inline translation
* Comprehension & Vocabulary tests for each lesson
* Read aloud text
* Voice recording and playback [W10 only]
* Phrasal verbs (more than 3200 items)
* Vocabulary expressions (7500 items with explanations and audio)
* Grammar topics
* Reminder: recurring alarm to get back and train yourself

There are over 1500 (and counting) interview lessons available to read, listen and learn. There is also a vocabulary section for each interviews with audio comments. You can practice your understanding by reading the transcript while listening people with various English accents.
Also includes around 500 short videos about everyday topics.
Learning offline: the app stores visited lessons, downloaded audio files, and pictures. You can even download lessons and audio in advance in case you need it.

Pro version provides you lesson search and speech test, so that you can practice your pronunciation capabilities. Elllo is your digital English teacher.

Elllo is an unofficial app for http://www.elllo.org English Listening Lesson Library Online. The developer does not hold any rights over the content, as it belongs to elllo.org, and provided unchanged. Users are free to download and use the materials for educational purposes.

Have fun learning English with Elllo!


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Window 10 Desktop

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Windows 10 Mobile

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Technical details

The Android app is built on Xamarin.Android with .NET, C# and shares a lot of code with the Windows 10 UWP counterpart. I use Azure and AppHarbor for the backend.

Please see privacy policy here.

20 Replies to “Elllo”

  1. I’ve bought the PRO version of ELLLO for my Win10Pro PC but under settings I can still see the voice “upgrade to PRO”. Why?

    1. Hi,

      Thank you for reaching out and buying the pro version.
      This must be a bug that will be fixed in the next version. Please stay tuned.
      I hope you enjoy learning with Elllo!

      Best regards,
      Albert Takács
      Developer behind Elllo English Learning

    2. Hi Walter!
      I hope you were able to check out the latest version of Elllo. It contains the fixes that will make upgrade to PRO disappearing.

  2. Hello guy. Elllo isn’t working in wp10. Please fix this problem. Your app is very good! 😀

    1. Hey Fabio,

      Thanks for the heads-up. Please let me know what is the problem. What kind of device are you using? For a quick try can you please uninstall and reinstall the app?
      Please contact me at takacs.albert.dev@hotmail.com for further troubleshooting.

      Albert Takács
      developer behind Elllo English Learning

  3. I’ve bought the PRO version of ELLLO for my Win10Pro PC but when I want to download one of audios, it is not working. I am only able to watch textbooks, can not download. Pls help me ?

  4. Hi Huy Dương!

    This is Albert, owner of this site and developer of Elllo app. Thank you for leaving a message. Also thank you for buying the PRO version!
    I am happy to help.
    Please answer some questions:
    – Have you tried one of the latest interviews? For example 1485? Some interviews do not have audio files.
    – Do you have active internet connection on your machine?
    – Do you get any error messages?

    If you would like to help me to identify the problem faster, you can send me a screen recording. You can use my email address.
    Here is how to do it:

    Please contact me at takacs.albert.dev@hotmail.com for further troubleshooting.

    Albert Takács
    developer behind Elllo English Learning

  5. j’ai deja la version pro avec mon compte gmail, et dites moi Comment pourrais-je avoir la meme version sur mon phone windows. C’est tres important svp. Par ce que je ne veux pas la reacheter encore.

    1. Hi Mario,

      Sorry for replying in English, but I don’t speak French. Thank you very much for reaching out.
      Unfortunately the Android and Windows apps cannot share in-app purchases, therefore it is required to buy the pro version on each platform.
      But I offer you a Windows promo code for FREE if you contact me at takacs.albert.dev@hotmail.com. Alternatively you can message me on the Elllo facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Elllo7EnglishLearning/

      Thank you, and awaiting your message.

      Best Regards,
      Albert Takács

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