Pronunciation test in Elllo7 Pro

Dear visitor, I am pleased to announce that pronunciation test arrived to marketplace for Elllo7 English Learning.
This feature comes along with the Pro version which can be purchased within the app. In Pro version the ads also removed for better user experience.

Pronunciation test works just like in real life. You select a word or phrase from the vocabulary collection, then tell it to your phone. Your voice will be then recognized and told whether you pronounced it well or not.
You can use your phone as a real English teacher.
Please notice that the results may not reflect real-life pronunciation as this feature uses machine aided speech recognition service.

Pro version costs you $0.99 or the equivalent amount in your currency.

Elllo7 new feature: Comprehension Quiz

I am happy to announce that the latest update of Elllo7 English Learning app brings you a cool new feature: Comprehension Quiz.
You can test your understanding by answering some questions related to the discussion.

I hope this addition gives you great learning experience and improved knowledge.
Please leave some words in comments or in mail if you like it or not.

Have a nice time learning with Elllo7 English Learning Windows Phone app.



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Elllo English Learning

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What Color is it

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Site started!

Hooray! Today I have started this site to share my works with the world. At the moment I have two published Windows Phone apps, ReDraw! and Elllo7.