Interviews with video in Elllo

Hey people!

Just shipped a long requested feature that is about having interviews with videos. Lately, a lot of interviews come with a video and it was not available through the app.

But now the wait is over, and I am happy to let you know that both the Android and the Windows app supports videos in newer interview groups.

Please note that not all interviews have videos, so these appear just like they were before. Videos are available from group #1301 to the latest interviews.
Please also bear in mind that videos are not available online, and does not work with auto-scroll on Windows (Android app does not support auto-scrolling as of now)

I hope you all will like this feature update.



Elllo English: Search for phrasal verbs & vocabulary expressions

Happy to share that the latest app update brings you search feature for phrasal verbs & vocabulary expressions. This was a requested feature by some of my users who found difficult to find items by their starting letter only.
So it is now possible to type any text and search for it.

Available for both Android and Windows 10 in versions 1.15 and 3.1.7 respectively for FREE.



Buy me a coffee


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Elllo English updates

Hi All,

Elllo English Learning apps are recently updated. Please find below the details.

Windows 10 v3.1.5 contains:

• Native video player: Videos are now played back in a native player instead of Vimeo’s own web-based player. This brings you some nice features like full screen viewing and better interaction.

• Video playback and quality settings: If you don’t like the the new native player, you can go back to the web-based one. Also you can control the video quality that suits your internet connection. Both can be found in settings.

• Grammar topics translation: Translate grammar topics to your default language.

• User interface improvements: Many UI small improvements applied, hope you find them usable than the old one.

Android v1.9 [BETA] brings:

• Audio player often crashed the application. Now it is much reliable, and shows loading indicator. Also shows missing audio file.

• Various bug fixes under the hood

• The app still remains in BETA until it is feature full. I am trying hard to get it to the same level as the Windows 10 app.


Here is how the native video player looks like:


Elllo for Android


A big dream came true. I am proud to present Elllo English Learning for Android.

After launching Elllo for ALL Windows 10 devices including Xbox and Desktop, the fresh app just landed on Google Play Store.


The app is not feature full yet, but basic features – and the fancy ones too – are working now. You can read and listen lessons, watch the videos, practice speaking, freely translate, all in one package. It is possible that you may encounter some glitches, that’s why is in beta release.

Please check it out on your Android device and let me know what do you think about it. You can reach me on the app’s facebook page or via mail.

More on the Elllo page. Thanks for the the content.


Audio playback speed changer

I am pleased to announce a new feature coming with Elllo v3.1.3 called ‘audio playback speed changer’.

It allows you to slow down or speed up the audio playback of interviews and vocabularies. By slowing the audio down, you will be able to recognize the sentences much easier. This was a requested feature by several users.

Find the speed changer in the top right corner: