Advertisments in Elllo

Hey, I just released the latest update of Elllo English Learning to the Android Play Store that is having the version number 1.30. I wanted to talk about a bit, because this version brings in something new in the life of the app.

The app started to show ads instead of encourage users on the free plan to upgrade to pro and try out the app on Windows 10, or like the facebook page.

It was a tough decision to go this way, but I’ll explain why I chose to implement AdMob from Google. Okay, everyone knows that nothing is for free. It is especially true when you try to host an application.

Here is the negative side of the balance:

  • I have a backend that serves as a data source for the app, and that costs an amount of money each month. This is mandatory to pay, unless the app will be dead.
  • I use advertising to let people know there is an app that is a great help in learning English as a foreign language. That costs even more money (altough it is not necessary and can be shut down anytime).
  • I also spend significant amount my free time to develop and operate the app. I enjoy it, and it’s a great source of knowledge gain, but I’d like to see that all that effort pays off in the end.

And the only income:

  • In-app purchases of Pro version of the app.

I can say that it barely covers the backend hosting expenses. You can see now that I had to do something. Now I’m experiencing with different options with AdMob and the types of ad units. You may see some more ads appearing while I figure out the perfect balance between undisturbed user experience and fair income.

You can always get rid of the ads forever by purchasing the Pro version. You’ll get many other features, and donate the development.

I hope it all make sense and you continue enjoy learning with Elllo English Learning app.

– Albert

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