Elllo English updates

Hi All,

Elllo English Learning apps are recently updated. Please find below the details.

Windows 10 v3.1.5 contains:

• Native video player: Videos are now played back in a native player instead of Vimeo’s own web-based player. This brings you some nice features like full screen viewing and better interaction.

• Video playback and quality settings: If you don’t like the the new native player, you can go back to the web-based one. Also you can control the video quality that suits your internet connection. Both can be found in settings.

• Grammar topics translation: Translate grammar topics to your default language.

• User interface improvements: Many UI small improvements applied, hope you find them usable than the old one.

Android v1.9 [BETA] brings:

• Audio player often crashed the application. Now it is much reliable, and shows loading indicator. Also shows missing audio file.

• Various bug fixes under the hood

• The app still remains in BETA until it is feature full. I am trying hard to get it to the same level as the Windows 10 app.


Here is how the native video player looks like: