Elllo English learning v2.0

WideLogo_BlueBackgroundPlease welcome the fresh new Elllo English learning v2.0!

Yes, I have dropped the ‘7’ from the name. It was Elllo7 since the first release for Windows Phone 7. I thought the name should be refreshed also with the code base.

The new app is now in the store, with new features and bug fixes. Elllo has been re-written from the ground up.
The user interface and the design hasn’t been changed too much, but behind the scenes the app got a new offline cache engine Akavache, that now stores audio, image and textual content for full experience when you are on the go or having internet issues.
Also I’ve introduced a new way of checking history, and offline content. You can see downloaded lessons on the group page, and also you can export audio files to your music library, or delete contents to free up some storage.

There is one drawback: Since I wanted to get rid of the old caching mechanism, there is no migration from it to the new cache. This means you have to download the lessons again. Sorry for any inconveniences it may cause.

New features:

  • Transcript auto scrolling: the text now scrolls as the audio playback progresses. It is tricky to follow exactly the rhythm of the natural speech, so you may experience sync issues for some interviews. I am planning to refine this in the future.
  • Pronunciation test is now available to trial for everyone. I hope more and more people will try it an love it!

Bug fixes:

  • Pronunciation test caused crashes on some specific phones such as Lumia 640, 640XL, 735. Mostly those with virtual navigation bar. Don’t ask me what’s the connection between speech service and nav bar, it’s just an observation. 🙂
  • Fixed rare bug with initializing the previous local cache provider, Sterling database. Since it’s been replaced with Akavache, this is not an issue anymore.

I hope you guys will love the new app. If you experience something unusual, or want to see some missing features, please drop me a message to my developer mailbox or use the feedback button in the app.