Fan Feedback – Elllo7

Dear Everyone,

Please read below a heartwarming message from Letícia from Brazil with her approval. It is truly an awesome experience to get such a nice feedback. I hope your dream will also come true.

So here come her words unchanged:

Hello, I just would like to thank for all involved in creating this website, firstly it has been so useful for me, in reality I’ve been studying English for about 9 months, and using this app elllo7 for Windows phone users for 6 months, and the reason that I am being able to write all this in English it’s because this app has been helping me a lot.. I have no idea how much difficult it’s keep on doing this website and app active free for us…
If I could I really would like to reward you all for make my English interesting to learn… I love this app.. I’m from Brazil and thing here are so expensive.. Thank you again for make my dreams come true..
Best regards
Enviado pelo meu Windows Phone

– Letícia [Saturday, February 27, 2016 06:26 AM]

New Groups in Elllo7


I’ve added a set of new groups that help you choose the appropriate listening activities that suit your level of English. That may not apply to everyone, because everyone is different. Though it is a good start if you get lost for the first time.

You can find the new collections swiping to the right from the start screen.
There is an Advanced, an Intermediate and a Beginner group to choose from as you can see on the screenshot.


Elllo7 WP7 update

Windows Phone 7 owners reported a bug that just been fixed in the latest update. The version number to check is v1.28. Please make sure you update it from the Marketplace.

It was quite a tricky job to make the old code base build, because my Windows 10 machine didn’t want to do that. After a few hours of unsuccessful WP7.1 SDK and Visual Studio 2010 installation procedure I went on and switched on my old desktop machine. This guy is still on Windows 7, and luckily I was able to fire up the development environment and create a package for the good old Windows Phone 7 platform.

True story guys, I was having a hard time going back to 2012… 🙂
“Leave no man behind.”