REQ: Run under lock screen AND Save audio tracks to phone

Hi English language enthusiasts,

I’m excited to announce two cool features which have been requested by Elllo7 users!

RunUnderLock Run under lock screenSwitching on this feature in the settings enables you to listen the audio even while lock screen kicks in! Please note that this feature may use more battery power than usual. That’s why this is off by default. 
SaveAudioToMediaLibrary Save audio tracks to Music + Videos hubYou can save audio files onto your phone for later use. They are grouped together in albums, so you will be able to listen through many of the tracks without interruption. 

They are available in v1.29 on WP8. I hope you’re going to enjoy the new features!
Please let me know in the comments what you miss, and what could be made better! 😉

AdDuplex in Elllo7

Hi English learners,

As you may noticed, ads are appearing more frequently nowadays in Elllo7. But of course not for the lucky Pro users! 😉
So why is this better you may ask. The reason is that AdDuplex will probably generate more visibility to the app. More visibility means more people learning. And that’s cool.

So how it’s working? There are advertising services which pays you if you integrate their banner into your app. AdDuplex however does not pay you, but gives you ads instead. And their service is free. So it’s about exchanging ads. Each 10 displayed ads in Elllo7 earns me 8 ads in another apps. The remaining 2 is sold by AdDuplex. See? It’s win-win. Here you can learn more on this: