New Feature: Vocabulary Quiz!

Test your knowledge with the new Vocabulary Quiz! This is the latest FREE feature for you all who have WP8 device.

There are some sentences which have to be properly completed with the given words. You will learn the meaning of the words and how to use them from the interview. Each interview will offer the vocabulary test along with the existing comprehension test.

I hope this will help you learn English more successfully and you will enjoy using it!

Please update your app through the Marketplace and you will see a similar page if you tap ‘vocab test’ on the appbar, or the link below the interview:


Recent issues with older versions of Elllo7

Dear Elllo7 Users,
Please let me inform you all that recent changes in data source makes Elllo7 to crash. The changes are out of my control, therefore I suggest to update to the latest version form the Marketplace. From now on, the changes will not affect you as I moved to a safer data source to provide smoother experience to you.

Anyway, I recommend to update the app regularly, because of the new features and fixes I try to bring you.

New in Elllo7: Search feature (Pro) and ads

I am happy to tell that you can now search for interviews by keyword from the app.
This feature is available in the Pro version only, therefore existing users who bought it, will be able to use it right now.It is also important that only WP8 devices can have this update. Sorry WP7 users!

The other thing I want to inform you is the in-app advertising strategy change. You could be getting used to see static ReDraw! advertisements in Elllo7. I decided to move on to a different path and embed a dynamic ad banner into the app. I hope you will not be angry on me about this change. Please let me suggest to buy Pro version to hide these annoying ads for a dollar (or the equivalent in your currency). This is also a WP8 change, WP7 remained as it was.

You can check out these changes in version 1.17.

Here is a screenshot about the search feature (and the ad banner on the top):