Brazil and others joined to enjoy ReDraw! and obtained Game Ratings

I am proud to announce that today Brazil, Russia and Taiwan joined to the regions where ReDraw! is available to download.
Thanks to the new Brazilian game rating policy announced by Microsoft, I was able to publish my game there along with other countries.

There is no more needed to comply Brazil’s own cumbersome game rating system, instead it is allowed to publish games with PEGI or ESRB ratings.
These two ratings are relatively easy to get by self-rating, so I got ReDraw! rated quickly. Getting DJCTQ rated was also self-made based on the others.

I hope people living in these newly joined countries will enjoy drawing with ReDraw!

Please find below the newly obtained ratings. (PEGI, ESRB, DJCTQ respectively)

PEGI_3_(2009)   ESRB_E1  djctq_L