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Food Order

This is going to be a white label multi-purpose web site aimed at small kitchens that offer food delivery. Closed source code. Under construction. More about it here.

MVVM Best Practices

Collection of MVVM best practices. The way I build apps with MVVMLight and other bits and pieces. Open source project hosted on github. There’s a lot on the todo list.

Elllo English Learning


Unique English learning app providing listening and reading interviews. Real people speaking about interesting topics with authentic accents around the world.
Available on Android and Windows 10.


SquareIcon _358x358

ReDraw! is an addictive combination of memory and drawing games. Available on Android and Windows 10.

What Color is it


Shows the color made out of current time using its hexadecimal representation. Available on Windows 10.


My name is Albert Takács, I am living in Budapest, Hungary, and I am a seasoned .NET and cross-platform developer, User Experience designer.
At my workplace I develop and design line-of-business and consumer software for the broadcast, fintech or other industries. I spend my free time mostly with my beloved family, building Web, Windows and Xamarin apps and drive my Alfa Romeo.
I love to create great looking functional software that focuses on content.

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